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2024 Price list:

Static Systems:

  • M-4 Xtreme two (2) unit system ( four (4) revenue generating seats, includes the basic set of films, without trailer )
    Base price: $145,000 USD + tax
  • Perimeter Fence set ( 10 pieces 40 inch high by approx. 5 feet long, generic look ) or ( 5 pieces 42 inch high by approx. 8.5 feet long, generic look )
    Base starting price: $4,000 USD + tax
  • Extra Film and motion profile ( from our inventory, not branded, lifetime lease for your simulator )
    Base price: $5,000 USD + tax
  • Custom designed aircraft flight non-CGI film and motion profile branded to your Brand (two (2) month lead-time, lifetime and full usage lease, you own it )
    Base price: $8,000 USD + tax
  • Full CGI plot line custom film ( models, motion capture, animation, graphics, commercial quality, negotiated license terms, lead-time is project based)
    Base starting price: $135,000 USD + tax

Mobile Systems:

  • M-4 Xtreme system installed in a basic 20 foot enclosed trailer ( includes decking and decking fence, steps, concession door, ride system mounted to trailer, Trailer Valet 5X trailer dolly, set of M-4 Xtreme trailer decals if needed )
    Base starting price: $29,000 USD + tax

Trailer Options:

  • 5500 Watt Onan quiet gas generator ( includes install, wiring, light plugs, gas tank install, plumbing and testing )
    Base starting price: $7,500 USD + tax
  • Lighting ( 4 led fixtures )
    Base price: $475
  • Air-conditioning for rides ( one AC unit split to both units )
    Base price: $3,800 USD + tax
  • Call for other options or custom work quotes.

Army contractor example

Custom built three different Turn-key units for this Army contractor. Beautiful 24 foot gooseneck which is towed by a 1 ton pickup that provided super good towing.

The trailers and trucks were wrapped, along with the Humvees they also used. This was a large sponsorship engaging both the U.S. Army, a top fuel dragster client and the major advertising agency Leo Burnett.

Contractor operated 3 trailer units for a few years. The units attended possibly hundreds of events around the USA.
It was extremely successful.

Contractor estimated revenue over $6,000,000 per year.*

There was custom branding via custom ride films and motion profiles in addition to the wrap.
This is the type of sponsorship that works!

* Disclaimer: revenue and number of events attended estimated solely based on phone conversations and previous sponsor revenue.