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Show your Riders the

Airshow Xtreme Company
is introducing

  • Designed by Airshow Xtreme Co. for heavy usage, high throughput, maximum revenues seen at Airshows and
    Corporate Marketing Venues with large crowds of paying riders.
  • This system, which is much lighter and designed to fit in a standard height 20 foot enclosed trailer, only requires larger sized SUV’s, Motorhomes or medium size pickup trucks.
  • Provides a much higher revenue model in that it has four(4) paying riders compared to 2 seat systems.

Returns on Investment (ROI) could be DOUBLE!*

“Smaller vehicles with smaller trailers equal huge cost savings and less stressful transport”

“The M-4 Xtreme allows walk-up entry and walk-up rider belt securing”

Full 360 degree rolls…

with an exciting pitch of 30 degrees forward and back!

NOTE: M-4 Xtreme systems are currently in development and orders will only begin after the phase one build has been completed.


Static Location System

Mobile System

  1. Full 360 degree rolls
  2. Pitch of 30 degrees forward and back
  3. Runs off STANDARD 120VAC 30 to 40 amp
    (Can be set up for different countries power requirements)
  4. Individual computer controls
  5. High weight limits allow for single riders or two (2) riders
  6. Designed for low maintenance
  7. Should roll through standard “Double Doors”
  8. 20 foot trailers not requiring Semi-Trucks
  9. Six pre-loaded ride films allowing operators to choose
    four (4) minutes or two (2 1/2) minutes versions depending on crowd size
  10. Non-360 degree roll rides will be available as needed

Running the two M-4 Xtreme units six hours per day, at five rides per hour with the four-minute video, and charging $15 per seat (four seats) equals:

Running the two M-4 Xtreme units six hours per day, at twelve rides per hour with the two-and-a-half-minute video, and charging $15 per seat (four seats) equals:

Unit Options (additional cost):

There will be an option to add video cameras inside the M-4 Xtreme units. Used in conjunction with a printer, this can create additional income in the form of commemorative photos of the rider’s experience inside the M-4 Xtreme.

There will be secure pulldown bars available as an option to the standard racing style heavy seatbelts (when development is completed).

Custom designed ride films and motion will be available.
Films may be designed to fly from a custom airport with custom aircraft.
Contact Airshow Xtreme Company for custom quotes.

Trailer installation options:

The 20-foot trailer interior allows, and is recommended for, both M-4 Xtreme units to be opened and loaded for riders while inside the trailer.
The installation of M-4 Xtreme systems in a standard type 20-foot trailer is an additional cost.

A large concession door is standard on the M-4 Xtreme trailer. The approximate trailer GVW is 10,000 Lbs. A full-sized motorhome, large SUV or pickup trucks may be used for towing a 20-foot trailer to allow for comfortable living and working.

If storage is needed for equipment or concession items, a larger trailer may be required.

Generator options and additional design options:

A 5500-Watt Onan quiet gas generator is available for installation

Interior lights (four LED lights)

AC added to provide cool air around the riders
(one AC unit with a divided outlet to both units)

For quotes on other available options,
Contact the Airshow Xtreme Company