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History of the M-4.
The first M-4 Personal Motion Theater rolled off production line in 1994!
Over 120 of the M-4s and
SX-2s were produced.
M-4s went to France, England, UAE, Canada, Panama, Venezuela, Australia and of course the USA.

After 1998, as the owner, I was heavy into servicing many rides and building lots of upgrades to reduce maintenance, increase rider comfort and provide operators with more revenue generating options.

The original M-4 was not designed my me but all of the upgrades and improvements were my designs.

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From the original maintenance-heavy machine, after I introduced multiple upgrades,
the M-4 became a sought after platform.

Dave and Buster’s bought eight (8) of the SX-2 units. After a short time in operation, they mentioned to us the units were generating more revenue per square foot than any amusement games in any of their locations.

We expanded the outer graphics.
Coca-Cola licensed a red unit with their logo so the SX-2 looked like a giant red soda can (the last time I worked on it, it was located in a go-kart track’s arcade in Bowling Green, KY).
A white one had been painted to look like a “Thunderbird F-16”. There were other units painted in different colors but overall basic black is still the favorite.

Delivery to Alaska

This owner’s first airshow was at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, AK where we were parked under the left wing of a C-5 military aircraft.
The M-4 was completely installed inside a trailer.
The unit had to be transported from our facility via a very large ship.

The Future has arrived!

The new M-4 Xtreme two (2) unit, four (4) seat revenue generating systems have the ability to become the new icon of high revenue, high rider throughput simulator rides throughout the entertainment industry.

Excellent rider comfort

4 revenue generating seats

Fits in a 20 foot trailer

Full operation and easier transport