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M-4 Xtreme Specifications

Each M-4 Xtreme supports 1 or 2 riders per ride.

Riders choose from 6 or more different ride films.

Pre-loaded films or Custom films.

Manufactured and supported at our NM facility or remote support available.

Fulfill your riders dreams of flight and immersive fun! The four (4) seat M-4 Xtreme gives your guests numerous adventures in historically accurate aircraft models.

This new and innovative design allows for 360 degree barrel rolls and dynamic pitch to mimic true flight characteristics and sensations.

Utilizing state-of-the-art motion control and high performance digital HD flat panel technology, the M-4 Xtreme immerses riders in realism.

Riders will have a high quality experience by choosing the ride film they prefer. Many riders will come back to try them all.

The simulator systems small footprint and minimal electrical requirements (standard wall power) will make it ideal for deployment to almost any location!

High weight limits for riders compared to other simulators will expand the customer base. Designed to be a “Walk-up” ingress and egress allows easy simple loading and unloading for faster throughput. Operators will also be excited to not be required to climb inside a box to secure the riders.

Airshow Xtreme Company brings many aircraft into their extensive inventory of ride films, including the P-51 Mustang, the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the F-18 Super Hornet, F-35 Lighting II and more!

The M-4 Xtreme system consists of 2 individual M-4 Xtreme units each of which can accommodate 1 or 2 riders. The individual computer control systems are attached to the M-4 Xtreme system frames setup for simple operations.

60HZ: 110-120 Volts AC, two 20-30 Amp circuits with L5-20 or 30 locking receptacles, consult design team if needed.
60 HZ: 110-120 Volts AC, one 15 Amp courtesy outlet standard house plug.
Can also be set up for different countries outside of the continental United State’s power requirements.

5 feet x 14 feet x 6 feet (when aligned, the system will roll through a set of standard double doors.

Maximum Height: 7 feet
Maximum Length: 16 feet
Maximum Width: 9 feet

System including motion and 2 M-4 Xtreme Units (without passengers) 1,800 Lbs
Max Weight with four (4) occupants 3,000 Lbs

Maximum Height: 7 feet
Maximum Length: 15.5 feet
Maximum Width: 7.5 feet
Trailer Decking and stairs add approximately 8 feet for max width of 16.5 feet.

System including motion and 2 M-4 Xtreme Units (without passengers) 1,800 Lbs
Max Weight with 4 occupants 3,000 Lbs
M-4 Xtreme system, generator, fuel tank, storage, decking, stairs and misc should stay under the 10,000 Lbs GVW of 20 foot enclosed trailer.

Design: advanced efficient drive system allowing expanded rider diversity.
Color: simple black base color, custom wraps and custom paint schemes.
Material: high quality fire retardant fiberglass.
Seating: two (2) bucket seats with shoulder and lap racing style wide harnesses, durable vinyl laminate floors, carpet ceiling covering for acoustics.
Door: manually operated swing open style with secure latch to allow walk-up entry and rider belt securing.
Visual system: High definition flat panel TV driven by digital source imagery.
Audio system: High performance sound bar with deep bass.

Design: servo motor and gearbox with high performance AC brushless high torque motors to achieve +/- 30 degrees of forward and back pitch, 360 degrees of smooth roll motion, for motion sickness free system. Precision motion controllers manufactured by Galil for high output control. Either Windows 7, 10 or 11, or Linux operating systems depending on the need, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Laptop GPU 4 GB GDDR6, Intel Core i5 12th Gen 12450H (2.00GHz).